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Structural Fabrication and Assembly

  • Offshore Platform Jacket and Deck Structures
  • Deck Extensions and Small Skids/Modules
  • Helidecks including Helideck Support Structures
  • Riser Protectors, Boat Landings, and Barge Bumpers
  • Additional Clamp-On Conductors and Support Structure for Existing Wellhead Platforms
  • Main and Skirt Pilings
  • Risers and J0Tube Clamps including Monel Riser Sheathing
  • Mudmat, Stairwells, Ladders, Handrails, Gratings, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Tasks including Pipe Supports, etc.
  • Base Structure for PLEMS, Bunk Houses, and E-Houses
  • Painting and NDT, Fire-Proofing, Loadout, and Sea Fastening

Piping Pre-Fabrication and Construction

  • Fabrication of CS, NACE CS, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel (various grades), Duplex SS, Cupro Nickel, GRE/CPVC
  • Insulation and Fire-Proofing
  • Painting, NDT and Hydro Testing

Electrical Instrumentation

  • Construction of E&I Equipment and Instruments and Inter-Connections
  • Full Range of Electrical and Instrument Calibration Testing

Fabrication and Assembly of Equipment Including Lancher/Receivers, Caissons Offshore Hook-Up, and Pre-Commissioning

  • Offshore Construction, Hook-Up, Testing and Pre-Commissioning of Equipment, Piping, and E&I Systems

In-Situ Modification on Existing Platforms

  • Repair of Separators including replacement of Internals
  • Repair and Replacement of Internals of Deoxy Towers and Filters
  • Replacement of Equipment including Pumps, Flare Tips, Vessels, Caissons, etc.
  • Replacement of Piping Systems including Drain Headers
  • In-Situ Replacement of Helideck Plating
  • In-Situ Construction of E-Houses with Electrical System
  • Commissioning Assistance for Topside Modifications, Deck Extensions, Revamping of Separators, E&I, etc.
  • Brownfield Work, including Demolition, Dismantling, De-Bottlenecking and Revamping of Well and Process Platforms including Structural, Piping, and E&I-related Modifications.

DAS Group holds ASME U and R stamps.