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Structural Fabrication and Assembly

  • Offshore Platform Jacket and Deck Structures
  • Deck Extensions and Small Skids/Modules
  • Helidecks including Helideck Support Structures
  • Riser Protectors, Boat Landings, and Barge Bumpers
  • Additional Clamp-On Conductors and Support Structure for Existing Wellhead Platforms
  • Main and Skirt Pilings
  • Risers and J0Tube Clamps including Monel Riser Sheathing
  • Mudmat, Stairwells, Ladders, Handrails, Gratings, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Tasks including Pipe Supports, etc.
  • Base Structure for PLEMS, Bunk Houses, and E-Houses
  • Painting and NDT, Fire-Proofing, Loadout, and Sea Fastening

Piping Pre-Fabrication and Construction

  • Fabrication of CS, NACE CS, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel (various grades), Duplex SS, Cupro Nickel, GRE/CPVC
  • Insulation and Fire-Proofing
  • Painting, NDT and Hydro Testing

Electrical Instrumentation

  • Construction of E&I Equipment and Instruments and Inter-Connections
  • Full Range of Electrical and Instrument Calibration Testing

Fabrication and Assembly of Equipment Including Lancher/Receivers, Caissons Offshore Hook-Up, and Pre-Commissioning

  • Offshore Construction, Hook-Up, Testing and Pre-Commissioning of Equipment, Piping, and E&I Systems

In-Situ Modification on Existing Platforms

  • Repair of Separators including replacement of Internals
  • Repair and Replacement of Internals of Deoxy Towers and Filters
  • Replacement of Equipment including Pumps, Flare Tips, Vessels, Caissons, etc.
  • Replacement of Piping Systems including Drain Headers
  • In-Situ Replacement of Helideck Plating
  • In-Situ Construction of E-Houses with Electrical System
  • Commissioning Assistance for Topside Modifications, Deck Extensions, Revamping of Separators, E&I, etc.
  • Brownfield Work, including Demolition, Dismantling, De-Bottlenecking and Revamping of Well and Process Platforms including Structural, Piping, and E&I-related Modifications.

Drilling and Exploration

  • We have been working in Oil & Gas Business with Hardcore field Experience successfully worked with International Drilling Contractors Such as Transocean, Ensco, Vantage, National Drilling Company (Abu Dhabi), Burgan Drilling Company (Kuwait) . Through our successful tenure we have developed a massive database, which will most definitely provide suitable manpower to supply your requirement, which can be made available within 48 hours.
  • Exclusive division for providing Oil & Gas (Off shore / On shore) personnel for rigs such as Rig Manager, OIM, Tool Pushers, Drillers, Subsea, Rig Mechanics, Rig Electricians, Rig Medic, Drill Crew , Marine Crew etc.
  • Highly Experience Subsea Engineers for (EOW) End of well / In between Well Projects for Maintenance of Subsea Blow out Preventer (BOP) and all Subsea Equipments.
  • Exclusive Division for ROV ( Remotely Operating Vehicle) for Inspection of Hull, Legs, BOP for offshore drilling Projects .

Diving Services Onshore/ Offshore

  • Underwater project management (procedures writing, feasibility studies) -Platform & pipeline removals.
  • Spool pieces installation -Drilling assistance - Contraction & maintenance -Pipeline Removals.
  • Free Span remediation & Repairs -Plem installation & repair -Platform repairs
  • Cable installation & support -Subsea valve repair.
  • Riser repair -Anode retrofits.
  • SBM Repairs & Maintenance -SBM hose & Buoy change outs -Scour Survey
  • NDT inspections -Anchoring Strengthening - Waterproofing
  • Grid refurbishing -Core drilling -Cable sawing –Lifting - Rigging -Seabed Surveys


  • ROV interventions with Video inspection
  • Laser, Scanner, Sonar -Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Spares and Maintenance For Onshore and Offshore Projects

  • Underwater project management procedures writing, feasibility studies. Mud pumping -Steel-plate rehabilitation.
  • Wharf and foundation maintenance, Waterfront & Harbor facility repairs -Harbor surveys
  • Concrete rehabilitation -Dam and hydraulic work -Cleaning, - Welding & cutting -Pointing -Grouting
  • Hull surveys and cleaning -Scour Survey -NDT inspections

Human Resources

  • We have been successfully recruiting & placing Human Resource in the Middle East. We have exclusive division for providing Oil & Gas (Off shore / On shore) well qualified technical and non-technical personnel including for Oil rigs such as Tool Pushers, Drillers, Rig Managers, Rig Mechanics, Rig Electricians, Rig Medic etc. Currently we are presently recruiting Rig Personnel to Weatherford (One of the Biggest Oil Exploration Company in the World) for India / Overseas and other leading companies like Gulf Drilling Company – Qatar, Yemen Drilling Company, Gulf Petrochemical Industries, Bahrain Petroleum Company & many other leading petroleum and Oil & Gas companies.
  • We had a nationwide Ad campaign done for requirement of Weatherford Drilling International and as such have an active database of all positions of Rig Personnel available with us for placements.

DAS Group holds ASME ‘U’ and ‘R’ stamps.